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  • A common question we receive from our clients, especially in cases involving domestic and family violence, is “Am I allowed to move?” This is a very tricky question to answer. We need to consider that the Court is concerned with what is in the best interests of the child and when making a decision about […]

  • Where there parenting matters that are in dispute and there are proceedings before the Court, a Court can issue an Order obligating the parties and the children to attend an appointment held by a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker for the purpose of obtaining a family report.   The reason a family report is prepared […]

  • My Health Record is an online health record system that was created by the Commonwealth government and began operating in 2012. The system initially required people to “opt-in” and choose to use the service however, in May 2017, the government announced that it will become an “opt-out” system. This means that on 31 January 2019, […]

  • Separation can be one of the most stressful and emotional times in a person’s life, particularly when there are children involved. In order to make the separation process a bit easier, we have compiled a list of practical steps to take when you are trying to sort out parenting arrangements with your ex-partner. Try and […]

  • For separating parents, trying to sort out what time the children will spend with each parent or where they may live is not always easy. The Family Law Act states that the most important consideration when making such a decision is what is in the child’s ‘best interests’. In the event parents can’t agree on […]

  • In response to ongoing complaints from both the community and lawyers about the excessive waiting times, complexity and costs involved with family law matters, the Attorney-General has made an historic announcement that the Australia’s two Family Law Courts are merging. Currently, we have the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, which hears the majority of parenting […]

  • Some exciting news was delivered in late September this year when the Attorney-General of Australia announced that over the next two years, there will be the first ever major review of the Family Law Act and the Family Law system more broadly. This announcement is long overdue and has been welcomed by the legal profession […]

  • In a long overdue announcement, the Federal Government has introduced new proposed laws to protect victims of family violence from being directly questioned by their alleged perpetrator. There has been ongoing criticism of the Family Court system as the current law allows an alleged perpetrator who is representing themselves to directly cross-examine their ex-partner or […]

  • A Family Law property settlement should be fair to both parties and recognise the contributions made by each party, and also each party’s future needs. The Family Law Courts adopt a four-step approach to determining an appropriate property settlement. These four steps are: Identifying the assets and liabilities of the relationship. Assessing the contributions by […]

  • Following the breakdown of a relationship, there is often a lot of mistrust between parties and this is particularly relevant where one party thinks that the other party is trying to hide some of their assets. In a family law property settlement, the most important legal requirement is for each person to provide “full and […]

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