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Thinking of separating?

Have you already separated and are not sure what to do now?

Have you just started a relationship or are you getting married and want to protect your assets?

Are you afraid of what your future holds?

Are you anxious about your future relationship with your children and your financial wellbeing?


At East Coast Family Lawyers, we appreciate that going through a marriage or relationship break-up can be one of the most distressing times in a person’s life. We understand that not all relationship break-ups are amicable and can often involve drawn out legal proceedings and sometimes family violence.

It is for this reason we look to provide the community with some practical guidance and education about the Family Law process and the services available prior to, during and after separation (i.e. counselling, Mediation and information on family violence). We appreciate there is a limited number of services on the Central Coast that are free and believe it is important to properly educate those who are going through separation.

Our seminars will provide an overview of the Family Law process and the options available to those who have separated or are thinking about separation. Our seminars will occasionally also include a guest speakers from other organisations within the local community who can provide services to assist you at this difficult time.

Our seminars are FREE and will also provide an opportunity for our guests to ask questions at the end.


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